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It has been a super looooong ass time since I updated this journal! [23 Jun 2007|07:47pm]
Wow, it has been over 7 months since I even looked at this journal. Talk about forgetting things, which, I'm the queen of. I swear to god I forget one thing everyday at work before I leave. If my head wasn't attached I swear I would lose that too. Ridiculousness I tell you!

So any hoo, I was in Florida last week and it was amazing! I did not want to come home. The trip started out crappy but got soooo much better. When we got to the car rental place we didn't realized that we would have a $250 security deposit! And I had a debit card which meant all the funds needed to be in my checking account in order for me to get the rental. So we had a huge fiasco trying to get the money in my account because NOBODY was home and there were no ATM's or internet service where we were. We finally got a hold of Jason, the savior! and we got the money in the account. Now because we had to wait so long to get the money, the car ended up being less than we were originally going to pay for it. Annnd because Alaina and I were bitching about whether we were going to take the PT Cruiser (UGLY) or a Chevy Cobalt the guy that was renting us the car ended up giving us a Ford Escape! So I got to drive around in an Escape all week! It was fabulous and now I want one haha.

Beside the rough start the week was great, we laid out by the pool almost every day, I got burned... as you can tell by the pictures I posted on facebook. I really wanted to find someone down there to have a little fling with, but it didn't happen. The girl who didn't have a boyfriend found no one! But the girl who had a boyfriend did... well she didn't find him so much as he liked her and she was completely oblivious to the fact that he like her. A guy who doesn't smoke but goes out on the balcony to talk to you when you smoke LIKES YOU! and they stayed out there for 2 hours talking... ummmmmm he likes you! haha.

We had some shopping trips, I got a new bathing suit because the one I had didn't want to keep the girls in so I had to get a new one. I also got a cute dress for the night we went out to Melting Pot. Oh and one night, so Laina and Brandin could have a date night, Casey and I had a date of our own. Her and I went to Carrabba's and it was delicious! It is like 10 times better than the OG, no lie. Besides 20 trips to Walgreens (no lie) that was pretty much the extent of the trip. I wanna go back like right now haha. Hopefully we can all go again next year.
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